Free Boiler for Homeowners

In the UK, many homeowners can now qualify for a free boiler replacement or first-time Central heating installation under the government’s ECO4 scheme. Depending on eligibility, you could have your old and non-condensing boiler replaced with a brand new one under a free boiler scheme for homeowners at no cost or heavily Subsidised. At Grant Boilers, we are pleased to help households eligible for free boiler grants. If you qualify, call our professional team to discuss the installation of your new boiler.

Check Your Eligibility​

Why apply to the boiler scheme for homeowners?

Applying for a boiler grant is easy if you are successful with an application, and there are many benefits to doing so. Installing a brand new ‘A’ rated boiler will, first and foremost, bring huge savings that homeowners can start enjoying immediately. A new condensing boiler can save households as much as 30% per year on energy bills


Additionally, a new boiler installed as part of the boiler scheme for homeowners will also mean homeowners won’t face all the usual costs of running their old boiler, including servicing, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and other related expenses. Homeowners will have peace of mind that they will have a trustworthy quality boiler for many years, with installation handled by us.


Other advantages of using the free boiler scheme for homeowners include the environmental benefits of an energy-efficient boiler, which will massively reduce an individual household’s carbon footprint. Additionally, any home with a new boiler installed will be a more attractive option to buyers should they wish to sell at some point in the future.

How do I qualify for a free boiler scheme as a Homeowner?

Financial support is available today under the government-backed ECO Scheme if you’re a homeowner needing a new boiler. You only need one person living permanently in your household to potentially qualify for one of a range of benefits. You must meet a few requirements to be eligible for a free boiler. Firstly, you must be a homeowner, and your boiler must be old, non-condensing, and installed before 2005.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Boiler Scheme:

Receipt of Qualifying Benefits:

 To qualify for a Free Boiler for Landlords, someone residing in the property must be receiving one of the specified tax credits or benefits of Households with low incomes who receive any of the specific benefits, including:

free boiler grant and replacement scheme​ by uk government

What is a free boiler grant?

A free boiler grant is part of a government program to provide low-income households or those receiving certain benefits with a new boiler for free. Free boiler grants are available under the government’s ECO4 scheme initiative, tailored to support households in enhancing energy efficiency, lowering energy bills, and living in a warmer, healthier home.

Qualifying homeowners and private tenants living in the UK who claim means-tested benefits can replace their old and inefficient boilers free of charge completely.

How to get free boiler grant installation?

The first step to having your modern boiler installed for free is to fill out our application form. You’ll be asked several questions to determine whether you are qualified for a free boiler under the government boiler grant scheme. If you are eligible, then your matter will be tackled end-to-end by a member of our highly qualified team of professional energy advisors and registered engineers.

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Navigating the application process for a free boiler grant:

Research available grants

Select from a list of grants available, fill out a short application form, and apply away. Select your grant from here

Complete the paperwork

Income proof, Energy Performance Certificate, boiler make and model name. Ensure you have all the required documentation before starting the application process.

Fill Out Your Application

You can continue with the application after you have got the necessary paperwork. It takes a minute to fill out our application form. When submitting, ensure all the information is correct.

Wait For Authorisation

After you submit your application, the grant source will assess it. It usually takes a few days to process an application!

Installation and verification

After your application is accepted, your new boiler will be installed by a certified engineer who will ensure everything complies with the necessary regulations.

Discover the benefits

Once your new boiler operates, you can benefit from lower heating costs and increased energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of a boiler grant?