Free Boiler Grant of Worth £4 billion
by UK Govt.

Is your boiler older than 2005 and you’re getting UK Government benefits? The new boiler grant might have your answer. ECO4 aims to amp up home efficiency, reduce carbon emissions in the UK, and create an eco-friendlier environment. This deal is for UK’s lower-income residents, helping them to reducing energy bills via Government-backed free boiler grant. Grant Boilers, a trusted UK installer, offers A-rated boilers. Our mission is to uplift homeowners’ lives by reducing living costs.

Check Your Eligibility

Who Qualify for ECO4 Boiler Grant​

If you are a resident of the UK and you have a non-condensing boiler installed, then it means you are qualified for a free boiler scheme and replacement grant in the UK.
The scheme encourages home owners to replace existing non-condensing / fossil fuel heating boilers with condensing boilers. In other words, If you have an older boiler or have not updated your boiler from 2005, you qualify for a free boiler replacement grant under the ECO4 scheme.
The new condensing boilers ensure low carbon emissions and higher efficiency and maximize cost savings through lower energy bills.
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Non - Condensing Boiler VS Condensing Boilers

Non-condensing boilers have an efficiency range of 60% – 86.7%. We install higher efficient variants of condensing boilers with above 90% efficiency. By doing so, we help domestic boiler users to move from grades E, F, and G to grades D, C, and B.

FeaturesCondensing BoilersNon-Condensing Boilers
Efficiency Above 90%60%-86.7%
CO2 Emission As low as 33%As high as 65/75%
Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency 90-99%Up to 85%
Heat ExchangerSingle Heat ExchangerTwo Internal Heat Exchanger
Condensation Reuse heat from burning fossils fuelHeat is released into the atmosphere
CostBit expensiveLess expensive
MaintainceDifficult to maintainEasier to maintain
Life Span15-20 year of life10-15 year of life

Perks of Condensing Boilers

To replace the boiler with a new condensing boiler, you must first know about its perks and benefits. If you are looking for professional boiler installers for home heating in the UK, then we are here for you. We provide exceptional installation services for condensing boilers that hold the following characteristics.
boiler inspection
frequent switching on and off icon

Frequent Switching On & Off

Unlike conventional boilers, they operate quietly and automatically regulate their flame according to their needs. Therefore, they do not require frequent switching on and off.

boiler maintainence and complexity

Maintenance and Complexity

Lastly, condensing boilers are more complex than non-condensing boilers. They require continuous maintenance to deliver optimal performance. However, their higher efficiency and long lifespan typically outweigh the higher boiler Service costs.

guarantees space efficiency icon

Guarantees Space Efficiency

Condensing boilers don’t need any ventilation units unlike non-condensing boilers, and thus they are space efficient.

higher efficiency level icon

Higher Efficiency Level

First, efficient boiler installation of condensing boilers is more efficient as compared to non-condensing boilers as they offer at least 90% efficiency.

less fuel consumption icon

Less Fuel Consumption

Secondly, condensing boilers are the best gas boiler to install and highly efficient due to which they can offer the same level of central heating with lesser fuel consumption.

reduce carbon footprints

Lower Carbon Footprint

Moreover, condensing boilers ensure a lower carbon footprint, which is up to 3 tons of CO2 emission saving per year. It ultimately ensures a green environment by reducing carbon emissions.

reduce energy bills

Low Utility Bills

They are much more energy efficient boilers in converting fuel to heat. Ultimately, these eco-friendly boilers ensure lower energy bills due to lower fuel consumption.x

hot water icon

Hot Water

They can provide hot water for both your taps and central heating systems.

ensuring boiler safety


On one hand, non-condensing boilers take in air from the property, while, on the other hand, condensing boilers are sealed and, therefore, only take air from outside the building through a boiler flue pipe.

ECO4 Free Boiler Grant Scheme

The UK government provides free Boiler replacement to residents in the UK, under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme, who have a boiler older than 2005. The ECO4 boiler grant scheme is applied to homeowners who either have a broken or an inefficient boiler and receive at least one type of benefit from the Government grants for boiler replacements. Ultimately, the boiler scheme is designed specifically for households with non-condensing boilers.

Homeowners who use a non-condensing boiler will likely overspend their utility budget. However, converting to the condensing boiler or central heating system is cost-effective as these boilers run on gas, saving your hard-earned cash. Our professional boiler installation services using cutting-edge technology allow homeowners to surpass traditional living styles.

We are here to assist you if you use a non-condensing boiler to heat your home. We allow our customers to perform a free eligibility check to receive a free boiler replacement grant for homeowners. There has never been a more ideal time than now to place and replace old boilers with new ones. Through the ECO4 scheme, UK citizens can get their old boilers replaced free of cost or get a full allowance on government grants for boiler replacements.

Am I Eligible for ECO4 Grant?

Check your eligibility If you are getting benefits from Government, such as:

Note: New-built homes and societies are ineligible for the Boiler Upgrade scheme.

After you have successfully applied to check the eligibility for the free grant boiler, it takes almost 60 seconds to determine what qualifications you need to install a boiler scheme. Once your eligibility is processed, we will do the rest for you. Our process involves assisting you with applying for the government grant scheme, and our trusted boiler installation experts will then visit your home to replace the old boiler with an A-rated boiler unit.

The eligibility may ensure that you can either get an entirely free Government grant for boilers for pensioners or a subsidy for new installation and replacement costs. In either case, your life will upgrade, and you will instantly start saving on your bills right away.

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Do I need permission to insulate my house?

Whether or not you need permission to insulate your house depends on your location and the type of insulation you are installing. Check with your local boiler installers to be sure.

Can pensioners get free loft insulation?

Yes, pensioners also qualify for a fully funded loft insulation grant. To receive the grant, they must be either 60 years old or older and must have some associated benefits.

Who is eligible for free insulation?

You are likely to be eligible for 100% fully funded insulation grant if you are receiving one of the following benefits from the government:

  • Attendance allowance
  • Armed forces independent payment
  • Career’s allowance
  • Child tax credit
  • Income support
  • Disability living allowance
  • JSA
  • ESA etc.

What is the ECO4 Scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) is the fourth round of successful grants round that has been provided to UK residents for affordable living and improving energy efficiency in UK homes.

What is the government recommendation for loft insulation?

The recommended thickness for loft insulation in the UK region is 270mm. This equals around 10.5 inches. By having the bare minimum recommendation at your home, you can save energy bills.

Why is insulation good for the environment?

Insulation is good for the environment as it reduces energy use and ensures a greener planet

What is the insulation scheme 2023?

The ECO+ scheme is set in 2023 to help customers improve their homes by supporting vulnerable households.

What is the government insulation scheme in the UK?

The Great British Insulation Scheme is a new energy efficiency scheme that makes homes more energy efficient and saves utility bills.

What grants are available for home improvements in the UK?

Following are the schemes that are available in the UK for home improvements:

  • The Green Deal Scheme
  • The Energy Company Obligation
  • The Winter Fuel Payment
  • The Warm Home Discount

Can you still get grants for cavity wall insulation?

Yes, grants are still available to install cavity insulation in your homes. These grants are available from some energy suppliers under the ECO4 scheme.