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The government Free Boiler Grant UK scheme supports the reduction of carbon emissions in homes. The UK government has initiated the free boiler grant scheme to encourage property owners to replace fossil fuel heating systems with more effective, low-carbon heating systems. 

It also offers financial support to low-income households in the UK to improve energy efficiency. Free Boiler Grants UK is a funding scheme that can be used to install new boilers or to upgrade existing ones. However, installing a quality boiler will save you money on expenses, improve comfort in your house, and enhance the environment.

The homeowners and private tenants can apply for the ECO4 free boiler grants scheme. The program, funded by energy suppliers, was created to assist those on low incomes or receiving benefits in changing to energy-saving measures. Their home will benefit financially from increased efficiency, and a new boiler will reduce energy costs.

How to apply for free boiler grants UK ?

To apply for a free boiler grant UK , you must complete a brief form with details about yourself and your home. You’ll need to provide information about the benefits you receive and your postcode. You will receive a prompt response regarding your eligibility for a grant, and if you are, you will receive guidance on your options and potential energy-efficiency improvements.

To choose whether you qualify for any additional grants, the short form will also decide whether you can save even more money on energy-saving upgrades for your house, like underfloor insulation, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, or smart thermostats. There are many kinds of grants, and your eligibility will depend on factors, including where you live and the type of heating system you currently have in your house.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Boiler Grant UK

To qualify for the free boiler grants scheme, you have to fulfil all of the requirements listed below:

  • The grant is typically available to homeowners, landlords, and private tenants.
  • Eligibility is likely if your EPC rating is D (lower), E, F, or G, and you heat your home using specific heating systems.
  • Receipt of certain benefits, including 
    • Child Tax Credit
    • Child benefit
    • Income-related Jobseekers Allowance
    • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
    • Income Support
    • Pension Credit Guarantee
    • Pensions Credit Savings Credit
    • Universal Credit
    • Working Tax Credit.

Boiler Type

You must have a current fossil fuel heating system (gas) as your primary heating source.

Additional Energy Efficiency Measures

Installing additional energy-saving measures alongside the new boiler may be required. Insulation for lofts, hollow walls, and energy-efficient windows and doors are a few examples of these techniques.

Top Key Benefits of Applying for Free Boiler Grants

As winter nears, you are likely concerned about how to keep your family cosy and your house warm. Upgrading to a new, energy-efficient boiler from your outdated, inefficient one is one way to do this. But buying a new boiler can be a big financial commitment. For individuals who meet the requirements, free boiler grants are thankfully available. The top key advantages of applying for a free boiler grant are below…

1. Increase the Efficiency of Energy

Because they use the latest developments in heating technology, newer boilers are engineered to be more energy-efficient than older models. In addition to saving money, an energy-efficient boiler will lessen your carbon footprint by producing more heat with less fuel. Installing an energy-efficient boiler can raise your home’s overall energy efficiency.

2: Lower Energy Costs

Lower energy costs are one of the key benefits of an energy-efficient boiler. You can pay hundreds of pounds yearly on energy bills if your boiler needs to be updated and more efficient. Your energy expenses will go down with a new, energy-efficient boiler because it will use less energy. Free Boiler Grant UK allow you to take advantage of these discounts without paying anything upfront.

3. Increased Property Value

Installing an energy-efficient boiler can help raise your house’s total worth. A home with more recent, energy-efficient equipment typically attracts more buyers and may even increase your asking price. Furthermore, installing a new boiler might increase your heating system’s efficiency (something potential buyers check for in a property).

4. Less Carbon Footprint

As energy-efficient boilers release fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, they have a positive environmental impact. You can contribute to environmental protection and impact future generations by lowering your carbon footprint. You can upgrade to a more eco-friendly heating system with a free boiler grant without paying anything.

5: More Comfort

In addition to saving money and helping the environment, a new, energy-efficient boiler also improves household comfort. You can maintain a warm and comfortable house throughout the winter thanks to increased heating capacity and heat distribution. Furthermore, you can find comfort in knowing that your heating system is more dependable and unlikely to break down in the winter.

In summary, requesting free boiler grants is a wise investment in the comfort of your family and your house. The benefits of replacing your old boiler with a new one range from lower energy costs and enhanced energy efficiency to higher property value and a smaller carbon imprint. There has also never been a better moment to make the transition, with free boiler grant UK available to those who qualify. So, seize the chance and begin enjoying the benefits of a more effective heating system right now!

Steps to Claiming Your Grant:

Starting the process of replacing your boiler involves the following steps:

Check Your Eligibility:

Contact the official government resources to verify your eligibility for the free boiler grants or ECO4 scheme, or use our website to check quickly.

Find Authorized Installers:

Find certified installers in your area who meet the requirements of the scheme of your choice. Furthermore, you can choose us to handle all documentation until the boiler-free grant installation on your behalf.

Submit Your Application:

Complete the application online or with the approved installer. They are going to guide you through it.

Evaluation of Home Energy:

Our energy surveyor will visit your house to assess the energy efficiency and boiler. The results of this will determine your eligibility and grant amount.

Approval and Execution of Grants:

We will arrange a time for the replacement boiler installation after approval.


The government free boiler grant UK scheme presents an excellent chance for homes in the UK to modernise their heating systems and positively impact a more sustainable future. Get details on the different schemes, your eligibility, and the application procedure to create the most of this worthwhile government program and experience the benefits of having a warm and energy-efficient house. The free boiler grants Scheme is a positive step toward sustainability and energy savings. The scheme supports those who need help and moves the country closer to its ambitious environmental goals by giving grant funds to qualifying households. The program’s long-term effects on household well-being and the sustainability of the energy sector in the UK are expected to be a shining example of how a greener future is all about as it develops.


1. How does the boiler grant work?

Answer: Government programs frequently offer free boiler grants in the UK, giving qualifying households financial support to replace outdated and inefficient boilers. These subsidies aim to lower carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. 

2. What benefits do you need to get a boiler grant?

Answer: Your income and eligibility for some benefits, such as Pension Credit, Universal Credit, Income Support, or Tax Credits, are significant determinants of your boiler grant eligibility. These advantages could qualify you for the grant if they indicate financial need.

3. Who is eligible for a free boiler grant?

Answer : A free boiler grant is more likely available to those with low incomes, those receiving certain benefits, and those living in houses with low energy efficiency ratings. The requirements for qualifying can vary based on the area and type of government program.

4. What is the importance of the ECO4 free boiler grant scheme?

Answer : The ECO4 initiative offers funds that assist in reducing current energy expenses and offer potential lifelong savings for recipients, especially households. These grants help make houses sustainable for the future by assisting in reducing carbon emissions.

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The timeframe can vary depending on the workload of your chosen installer and the availability of boilers. However, once your application is approved, you can expect the installation in a few days.

Anyone who has a boiler installed before 2005 or has an inefficient boiler can qualify for a boiler grant in the UK. To meet the requirements, you must be a homeowner or private tenant of the home in the UK.

The ECO4 Scheme is a government-funded program that provides grants and funding to homeowners in Scotland, who want to install energy-saving measures in their homes. The aim of the Eco4 scheme is to help people reduce their energy consumption and save money on their energy bills.

Yes, it’s quite easy. You should regularly check that the evaporator and air intake grill are clear of leaves and other particles.

To be eligible for a first time central heating grant, you must not have prior central heating installed in your homes. Also your home’s EPC rating should be lower than D.