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ECO4 free boiler scheme is the government’s initiative to help low-income households. The scheme attempts to tackle the problem of energy costs by lowering heating bills and the carbon impact of outdated, inefficient residential energy. The scheme eligibility can be verified immediately using a user-friendly, fast, and easy online application process.

The government free boilers scheme was started in April 2022. It will help UK households with modest non-domestic and residential properties by offering a boiler upgrading subsidy. 

If you are eligible for a free boiler grant under the ECO Scheme, one of our government-approved installers will contact you to complete the grant application process.

The ECO4 Scheme’s free boiler grants are non-refundable and don’t cost you anything. To be eligible, one must fulfil the requirements.

You are eligible for the free boilers scheme if you’re a homeowner or private tenant. The government-backed ECO4 Scheme requires one permanent resident for your property to qualify for one of several benefits. 

Under the ECO4 free boilers scheme, Grant Boilers provides funding for installing new, energy-efficient boilers in homes.

Free Boilers Scheme Under the ECO4:

For households that meet the free boiler scheme standards and whose current boiler is either non-condensing or has an efficiency rating below 60%, the ECO4 scheme offers a free boiler financing program. Funding is available through this scheme to pay for installation and any necessary heating system improvements or maintenance. 

At Grant Boilers, we use installers who meet all requirements and hold certifications. This implies that you have complete confidence that the installation will be completed to the best standards and of the highest standard.

Contact us with basic details about your property and current boiler to begin the boiler replacement application process under the ECO4 scheme. Our team will guide you through the application process, offering assistance and guidance at every step. We’ll assist you in choosing the best boiler replacement for your house.

Eligibility Procedure for ECO4 free boiler scheme:

The UK’s free boilers scheme has supplied new, energy-efficient boilers to many households. You also can be eligible to sign up for the free boilers for the household scheme if a permanent resident in your home receives any of the following income-related benefits.

  • The grant is typically available to homeowners, landlords, and private tenants.
  • Eligibility is likely if your EPC rating is D (lower), E, F, or G, and you heat your home using specific heating systems.
  • Receipt of certain benefits, including 
    • Child Tax Credit
    • Child benefit
    • Income-related Jobseekers Allowance
    • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
    • Income Support
    • Pension Credit Guarantee
    • Pensions Credit Savings Credit
    • Universal Credit
    • Working Tax Credit.

To be eligible for the free boiler grant scheme, you must fulfil one more need besides being a household. Getting at least one of the qualifying benefits mentioned earlier. As upkeep is thought to be more affordable than replacements until the boiler is at least seven years old, it must be that old. 

Simply enter the postcode of your property on our website and complete our 60-second application form to find out if you qualify for the boiler plan for homeowners.

Why should households apply for the boiler scheme?

If your application is accepted, there are numerous advantages to applying for a boiler grant, and the process is easy. First and foremost, homeowners and private tenants will experience instant savings when they install a brand-new “A” rated boiler. Households can save energy costs with a new oil or gas boiler.

Furthermore, households that install a new boiler as part of the boiler program will also avoid paying all the typical operating expenses associated with maintaining an older boiler, such as insurance, service, maintenance, and replacements. We will take care of the installation and maintenance, assuring residents that their high-quality, reliable boiler will last many years. 

Other benefits of using the free boiler initiative for households include the environmental benefits of an energy-efficient boiler. Which will cut an individual household’s carbon footprint considerably. Also, if homeowners decide to sell in the future, a property with a newly installed boiler will appeal to buyers more.

Let’s Explore the Top Benefits of Free Boiler Scheme:

As winter approaches and energy costs rise, many households look for cost-effective solutions to stay warm in their houses. For individuals who want to reduce their heating costs and increase the energy efficiency of their homes, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)4 program offers a great chance. 

Boost Energy Efficiency: 

An excellent improvement in energy efficiency is possible with a free boiler upgrade from ECO4. Modern boilers require less energy to produce the same heat because their designs are more energy-efficient. Long-term savings are significant due to decreased energy costs and less energy waste.

Cost Savings: 

One significant benefit of a free boiler update is that you could save a lot of money. Your new boiler will heat your home more efficiently. So you won’t need to use other heating sources or constantly regulate the thermostat. Your heating expenses are certain to decrease with less energy use, which is particularly important in the winter.

Reduce Environmental Impact: 

A free boiler upgrade has several advantages that go well beyond saving money. A more fuel-efficient boiler uses less fuel and emits fewer emissions, which helps lower your carbon impact. This adds to the more significant attempts to tackle climate change and demonstrates your dedication to greener lifestyles.

Enhanced Heating Performance:

A new boiler can offer more dependable and consistent heating and be more energy efficient. During the coldest days of winter, you won’t have to worry about unexpected malfunctions or unpredictable performance; instead, you’ll enjoy a cosier house with fewer cold spots.

Increase Property Value: 

Investing in a new boiler can also raise the value of your house. Energy-efficient improvements can increase the market attractiveness of your property and attract more purchasers. A free boiler update is a good take whether your goal is to improve the value of your home.


Under the ECO4, households and private tenants in the UK can apply for a free boiler scheme. By providing funds for energy-saving measures like boiler replacement, the program aims to assist lower-income households or those experiencing fuel poverty in making their houses more energy-efficient.

Our area of expertise at Grant Boilers is offering ECO4 funding, which enables qualified homeowners to replace outdated and inefficient boilers with new one. Long-term financial savings and lower energy costs can be achieved by replacing your old boiler with a new, more energy-efficient model.


1. What are the key benefits of a free boilers scheme?

The free Boilers Grant scheme is a government initiative to help low-income households by improving energy efficiency, reducing energy costs, and providing a cosy environment. 

2. How can I get a free boiler in the UK?

The UK government offers free boiler grants for homeowners or private tenants who receive specific subsidies based on income. Ensuring efficient heat production is to reduce fuel poverty for low-income people.

3. What will happen next if I apply for the free boilers scheme?

Once an application has been submitted for a boiler grant, the grant provider will assess it to see if the household qualifies. For the approval of the application, the provider will arrange a home visit to evaluate the existing boiler and decide on a suitable replacement boiler. After installing the replacement, the supplier will finish the installation by testing and commissioning the new boiler.

Apply today for a free boiler grant scheme:

You can be sure that your new A-rated boiler will be installed with the peace of mind that comes with a high-quality new boiler and the expertise and competence. After your new boiler has been developed, we also provide the whole spectrum of aftercare services, so you have the assistance you need to turn in.

To enhance your home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, consider applying for ‘Grant Boilers’ financing for boiler installation under the ECO4 initiative. 

To learn more and begin your application, contact us today! 


The timeframe can vary depending on the workload of your chosen installer and the availability of boilers. However, once your application is approved, you can expect the installation in a few days.

Anyone who has a boiler installed before 2005 or has an inefficient boiler can qualify for a boiler grant in the UK. To meet the requirements, you must be a homeowner or private tenant of the home in the UK.

The ECO4 Scheme is a government-funded program that provides grants and funding to homeowners in Scotland, who want to install energy-saving measures in their homes. The aim of the Eco4 scheme is to help people reduce their energy consumption and save money on their energy bills.

Yes, it’s quite easy. You should regularly check that the evaporator and air intake grill are clear of leaves and other particles.

To be eligible for a first time central heating grant, you must not have prior central heating installed in your homes. Also your home’s EPC rating should be lower than D.