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Government Facility Services Ltd (GFSL) is pioneering solar energy projects in 2 of the Southern England prisons where the company provides facilities management services.


After 6 months of planning, GFSL will introduce a series of environmentally friendly upgrades to lower carbon emissions by more than 2,300 tones.


Installing rooftop solar panels at HMP Bure near Norwich in Norfolk will lessen reliance on the existing electric load by 17% and save 79 tones of CO2 per year. The project is due to be completed by the end of March 2021. A second project underway in Whitemoor Prison in Cambridgeshire uses ground-based solar panels and is scheduled for completion in July.


GFSL Energy Services Manager Stewart Grew, explains:

“This is a prime example of using clean energy to create ‘eco-prisons’ and not just meet but exceed the Ministry of Justice’s carbon reduction targets by 2025. We also have other exciting projects in the pipeline, like an LED lighting replacement program and installing heat pumps and biomass boilers.”


GFSL CEO Paul Ryder adds:

“We’re proud of all the innovation and hard work that goes into our transition to clean energy sources rolled out across all southern England sites. Not only are we exceeding our carbon emission targets, but we’re also saving considerable sums of public money on maintenance budgets.”


The timeframe can vary depending on the workload of your chosen installer and the availability of boilers. However, once your application is approved, you can expect the installation in a few days.

Anyone who has a boiler installed before 2005 or has an inefficient boiler can qualify for a boiler grant in the UK. To meet the requirements, you must be a homeowner or private tenant of the home in the UK.

The ECO4 Scheme is a government-funded program that provides grants and funding to homeowners in Scotland, who want to install energy-saving measures in their homes. The aim of the Eco4 scheme is to help people reduce their energy consumption and save money on their energy bills.

Yes, it’s quite easy. You should regularly check that the evaporator and air intake grill are clear of leaves and other particles.

To be eligible for a first time central heating grant, you must not have prior central heating installed in your homes. Also your home’s EPC rating should be lower than D.